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Top 3 Amazing Shipping Container Homes in Calgary

May 12, 2022
Coast Containers

Shipping containers are often bought and used in storage, moving, construction, farming, and industrial industries. However, shipping containers are becoming popular alternatives for housing and office spaces due to their many benefits. We are excited to share some of the top shipping container houses in Calgary with you. If you are considering or planning to build a container home, there are a few common approaches to consider, including pre-built container homes and more hands-on approaches. Remember to check building permits and the bylaws for your area before starting construction. 

Why Shipping Container Homes are Becoming More Popular in Calgary

Shipping container homes are eco-friendly 

Many environmentally-conscious families reduce their impact and live sustainably by building and living in eco-friendly shipping container homes in Calgary. They use recycled shipping containers in various sizes to create their new home while also designing their homes to be highly energy-efficient, which helps reduce home energy costs. 

Shipping containers are easily modified

It is easy to modify a shipping container for a home office, shed, and home. Containers are ideal for designing your own shipping container home that meets your unique lifestyle and needs, including the option to combine multiple sizes of containers. For container alterations and changes, you can buy shipping container accessories such as vents to optimize airflow or locks to ensure the security of your belongings.  

Shipping container homes are fast to build, assemble and install

With the ability for most container modifications and construction to be done off-site either at the factory or by a specialist company, shipping container homes are much faster to build than many traditional houses. Since they are already convenient sizes and shapes for various rooms in a home, shipping containers can save significant time and resources. 

Shipping containers are affordable

Although the prices vary, simple shipping container homes and prefabricated container homes are considered high-quality cheap options compared to regularly built houses or buildings. In addition, since shipping containers do not require lots of maintenance, shipping container houses in Calgary are easy to maintain and reduce long-term costs. 

Shipping containers are durable and strong

Thanks to its industrial-grade steel, a sea can is built to withstand and protect cargo from harsh weather conditions. For this reason, these useful containers require low maintenance and are ideally primed to provide a sturdy structure for a building, office, or home. So it is not a surprise that many of the top shipping container houses in Calgary are designed to take advantage of all the benefits that each durable and strong storage container offers. 

Popular Types of Shipping Container House Construction

Before building a container home, it is crucial to go through the same steps required to build a traditional house in your neighbourhood. For example, this would include taking the steps needed to receive the correct permits and inspections to ensure your container home meets the rules, regulations, and bylaws specific to your municipality and location. Based on the complexity of your design, time frame, skills, and need, there are a few different approaches for building the best shipping container homes in Calgary. 

Order a prefabricated shipping container house

Commonly referred to as prefab homes or modular homes, prefabricated shipping container houses require the fastest construction process for the home or property owner. Since these prefabricated container homes are pre-built at a factory, you can easily choose the right home for your needs without the stress of designing and building the perfect container home from scratch. In addition, prefab shipping container houses in Calgary are easy to deliver and can be moved into very quickly. 

Purchase and modify a shipping container into a home

The most hands-on and DIY approach to building a metal shipping container house is if you purchase and modify a new or used sea can for sale. One of the most significant benefits of this construction approach is that you have the most freedom and flexibility for designing and building the ideal shipping container home in Calgary to meet your lifestyle and specific needs. For example, you can ensure that the interior layout is optimized to accommodate your electronics, utilities, furniture, and belongings. 

Build a custom shipping container home in Calgary

One of the most popular construction plans for building stacked shipping container homes in Calgary is to hire the services of professional contractors and architects. Although this is a more expensive option, you can rest assured that the design, construction, installation, and completed home are correctly built to meet all the rules, regulations, building codes, and bylaws. It is highly recommended to hire professionals for complex designs that involve multiple shipping containers. The owners of many stacked shipping container houses in Calgary decided to hire contractors, architects, and other experts throughout the construction of their homes. 

3 Best Examples of Attractive Shipping Container Houses in Calgary

1. Calgary Turner Container Home


Photo Courtesy of Discover Containers

The beautiful house in the Rocky Ridge area is the first single-family container home in Calgary. Built by 3Leafs, an Edmonton-based company, this 2000 square foot two-storey eco-friendly shipping container home is made from four recycled containers. With a fantastic mountain view, a fully furnished basement underneath the containers, and a patio, this home can inspire anyone interested in building or owning stacked shipping container homes in Calgary.

2. Killarney Shipping Container Home


Photo Courtesy of CREB

This attractive shipping container home in Calgary is not only the first residential laneway container home in Calgary but also the first residential container rental property in Calgary. Built and modified by Modern Huts, the stylish Killarney Shipping Container Home is a 480 square foot garage-top suite built using three shipping containers. 

3. Sea-Can Cottages at Ghost Lake


Photo Courtesy of Living Container

The Ghost Lake CottageClub is a year-round cottage resort which has recently become known for its Sea-Can cottages. These modern shipping container homes in Calgary can be modified to suit personal preferences and sizes—the cottages are built using a combination of several sizes of sea cans (20’ containers and 40’ containers) to create spacious living areas and rooms. 

Final Thoughts

Over the past few years, an increasing number of families, businesses, architects, and communities have designed and constructed homes, shelters, apartments, offices, and shops using recycled shipping containers. We hope you enjoyed seeing these stunning shipping container houses in Calgary and that you have learned a little more about the different ways you can plan and build container homes. Remember to seek professional advice and support to ensure that your new home and construction meet your area’s bylaws, regulations, and rules. 

At Coast Containers, we have an extensive inventory with multiple sizes and types of new shipping containers and used shipping containers for sale across Canada. You can learn more about our services and containers by simply selecting one of our locations, or you can request a quote today. Whether you are interested in buying one used container or multiple new containers, our Coast Containers representatives are happy to help and answer any questions you may have. 

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