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New Shipping & Storage Containers for Sale

Most Common New Sea Cans for Sale

Our most common new containers for sale are our 20’ standard containers and the 40’ high cube storage containers for both your personal and business needs.

How Much Does a New Shipping Container Cost?

Container Type Price
20 STD From $3300*
40 HC From $6100*

* Price varies by location. Please check our locations pages for pricing in your area.

When you get a quote, it is common to see that the cost of a new shipping container can fluctuate for a few different reasons. Mainly, new shipping container prices will vary based on the location, size and type of containers you would like to purchase. Here at Coast Containers, we have various sizes and types of new containers for you to choose from, such as dry containers, refrigerated containers, open side containers, and other specialty containers.

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At Coast Containers, we are a certified member of the Bureau International des Containers (BIC) the governing body that sets the standards for the global shipping container industry. When you choose to work with us you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a reliable and reputable company. Click the button below to learn more about BIC or to view our latest certification.

About New Containers / One-Trip Containers

Unlike used shipping containers that spend approximately 10-15 years travelling and moving many different types of freight around the world, new sea cans have only travelled with one shipment of cargo from the factory in China to Canada (their trip to Coast Containers). For this reason, the terms “new shipping container” and “one trip shipping container” are used interchangeably within the container industry. New containers offer added benefits such as more vents for improved airflow and a lockbox. In addition, new containers are usually considered more aesthetically pleasing and typically have less condensation since they have not travelled around the world for many years.


There are some different sizes of new shipping containers for sale. The most common sizes of new containers within inventory would be our 20’ sea cans and 40’ high cube sea cans. Both of these dimensions can be ideal for their own reasons. Our 20 ft new shipping container for sale is popular for its smaller size, which can be stored in a backyard, and it is perfect for storing things such as seasonal inventory. Conversely, our 40 ft high cube new container for sale is often bought because it is one foot taller than a new standard container, making it ideal for storing larger equipment and vehicles.


New sea containers for sale often attract people who are interested in custom shipping container services where the container is modified to suit the person or company. For example, modifying and adding accessories to a new shipping container is great for construction companies needing a site office or somebody looking to build a container home. When you buy new shipping containers prices will depend primarily on the size and location of the shipping containers. To order new storage containers for sale, choose the closest city in Canada where we have a facility, and we will arrange the best delivery option to wherever you need it. If you need a specific container type or size, contact us today and ask one of our representatives if we have it in stock or would be able to accommodate the sea can specifications you are looking to buy.

What Size Shipping Container Do I Need?

There are quite a few different dimensions to consider before you buy a new container. It can be hard to visualize the correct container size that you need for your belongings or for a project you are planning or starting. To give you a better idea of what size is perfect for your personal or business needs, here is a brief description of what some of the most popular new container sizes within the industry can hold.

10 ft New Shipping Containers
10 ft New Shipping Containers
A 10 ft container should be able to hold the contents of a studio or small one-bedroom apartment.
20 ft New Shipping Containers
20 ft New Shipping Containers
A 20 ft container can usually fit the contents of a one or two-bedroom apartment or townhome. Therefore, this is one of the most popular new shipping container sizes that we have for sale.
40 ft New Shipping Containers
40 ft New Shipping Containers
A 40 ft container can hold the contents of a two-three bedroom home, or it can hold larger equipment and items such as vehicles, ATVs, and snowmobiles. This container size is perfect for building a new container house or office.
Different Types of Shipping Containers

Coast Containers has many different types of new shipping containers for sale. Below is a list of the most common types of new shipping containers available. We also have other types of new shipping containers available for purchase, although you may not see them online. Please contact us today if you need a type or size of container that is not listed below, or it is not currently on one of our locations pages.

Dry Containers
Dry containers are the most common type of new containers to buy or rent. These are the typical steel containers with wooden floors that you often see around. Dry containers can also be modified for specific uses.
High Cube Containers
These high cube containers are one foot taller than a standard new shipping container. These sea cans are frequently used for cargo that requires extra height or for storing taller equipment like forklifts.
Refrigerated (Reefer) Shipping Containers
These containers are utilized to transport goods that require regulated temperatures. For example, they are frequently used for storing foods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. (Keep in mind they are designed to maintain temperature, not to pull product down to temperature like a freezer in a home!)
Double Door Containers
These new sea cans have container doors on each end. A double-door sea container makes it quick and easy to load and unload cargo. It is popular to install a wall divider in this type of container since it is accessible on both ends.
Open Side Containers
With a door on both the long and short sides, these new containers are great for storing and accessing longer items that are difficult to fit through the end door. These new shipping containers can also be turned into beautiful showrooms, shops, or retail spaces.
Other Products
Coast Containers also has a wide range of used containers for sale in Canada. In addition, we also sell container accessories such as locks, windows, doors, and vents, which can be installed or added to both used and new containers.

New shipping containers are easy to move and modify. It is common for containers to be used for much more than transporting cargo from one place to another. Many of our customers decide to alter their new sea can for personal or business use. For example, more people and small businesses have converted their new shipping containers into stylish offices, pop-up shops, sheds, living spaces, and garages. From single-family container houses and tiny container homes to site offices and shops, there are limitless possibilities when you buy a new sea container.

Many businesses utilize new shipping containers to store various inventory, work equipment, cargo, goods, and supplies. In addition, new sea cans are also bought, modified, and commonly used in many industries such as farming, portable storage, industrial, construction, real estate and retail.

All of our new container modifications are unique and based on each customer’s specific needs and requirements. If you require your new container to serve you beyond traditional shipping and storage needs, we can help you with some modifications. For example, some shipping container accessories we have for sale online include doors, locks, shelves, vents, doors, and divider walls. In addition, you can alter your container to optimize air circulation, space, and usability for your precise needs. So, when you buy a new shipping container, let us know if you are considering or will need a modified container or any accessories for your new sea can. We will include this as part of the sale pricing in our quotes for your order.

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