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Incredible Shipping Container Homes & Offices in Toronto

March 16, 2022
Coast Containers

While most shipping containers are used for transporting things from one place to another, homeowners are looking for alternative housing solutions that are modular, durable, easily transportable, and stylish. It is important to remember that if you are interested in having your own container home or container office, it is critical to check the bylaws and permits in your location. We are excited to share the best shipping container houses in Toronto with you as well as the largest storage container market in Canada.

Vist Stackt Market In Toronto

Photo courtesy of Industryous Photography

Stackt Market creates a contemporary public space with inspirational vibrant energy and shipping container art. With over 100 custom build shipping containers, Stackt Market is Canada’s largest shipping container market. Stack is open year-round and has both indoor and outdoor areas. This family-friendly and pet-friendly marketplace is easily accessible and has on-site parking. The marketplace is designed entirely out of shipping containers and has an ever-changing selection of pop-up shops, restaurants, and events. To learn more, you can visit their website.

The Toronto Shipping Container House

Photo Courtesy of Container Home Hub

This one-of-a-kind shipping container home is an excellent addition to the neighbourhood with its slim and elegant style. It is the first stand-alone permanent shipping container house located in the heart of downtown Toronto’s west-end. This unique shipping container home consists of three 53’ High Cube shipping containers and includes a full master bedroom, living room, kitchen, and basement. The house is designed for the wide range of weather conditions in Toronto and has lots of natural lighting with its large windows and balcony.

The Hamilton Shipping Container House

Photo courtesy of Discovery Containers

Toronto architect Jason Halter designed this unique single-family shipping container home, often known as Redhouse. It is the first permanent shipping container home located in Hamilton, Ontario. The modified shipping containers arrived on-site and were installed in a single day. This amazing single-family house was built using eight 40’ high cube shipping containers to include four bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room, balcony, and basement.

Harlem Underground Shipping Container House Extension 

Photo courtesy of Storsac

This incredible home is often known as Black Star or The Harlem Underground Shipping Container House. The home is a permanent hybrid structure with three used shipping containers forming on half of the house, while the other half was built using traditional methods. This unique three 20’ high cube shipping container home was built above the Harlem Underground Restaurant located in downtown Toronto’s west queen, west district. The Black Star’s design and aesthetics perfectly fit Toronto’s iconic graffiti alley, which is very near to the home.

How Else Could You Use A Shipping Container?

Storage containers are most common in the construction, shipping, retail, farming, and moving industries. They are most often used to move goods from one location to another.  However, there are many different uses for shipping containers. Here are some popular ways you could use and customize a shipping container:

Shipping Container Office

A shipping container office is a great way to have a mobile office that can be moved anywhere you need it. In addition, many people find that shipping containers create private and quiet workspaces while working from home.

Shipping Container Pop-Up Shop

A shipping container pop-up shop is a great way to get your business off the ground. It is an easy and affordable way to set up a shop, and since the containers are portable, you can move your store wherever you need them. In addition, shipping containers are easily customizable to meet your business needs.

Shipping Container Garage

A shipping container garage is an excellent place for storing your vehicle, boat, car, and equipment. They are much cheaper than building traditional garages, and since they are portable, you can move or store them wherever you need. 

Shipping Container Shed

A shipping container shed is a great way for you to store your tools, seasonal items, and clutter that is taking up your home or business. Containers are safe and secure solutions that can withstand harsh weather conditions due to their durability and design. 

Shipping Container Home

A shipping container home is a fantastic alternative if you want something that is highly customizable and easy to transport. Shipping container homes are becoming more and more popular worldwide. Many people use their container homes for guest accommodations or Airbnb instead of utilizing them themselves.

Shipping Container Planning Permissions 

If you are interested in a shipping container home, you have two main building options. Firstly, you could choose to buy a container that already has been modified and is pretty much instantly ready to start moving in or living in. These are called prefab container homes and are most common if you want to buy a tiny container home, shed, or office.  Your second option is to buy a shipping container and then have modifications done separately. This building approach is ideal if you have specific needs and designs that are not available in typical prefab container homes. 

It is crucial to check building permits, bylaws, and planning permissions before storing a shipping container on your property or converting one into a living space. Rules and bylaws will vary depending on where you live and the intended use of the shipping container. 


As you can see, storage containers can be used for much more than moving goods from one place to another. We hope you enjoyed learning more about Stackt Market as well as discovering the top shipping container homes in Toronto, Canada. There are endless possibilities when it comes to modifications for your shipping container. 

Whether you are looking for a window to be added or you are interested in adding shelves and wall dividers, here at Coast Containers, we are happy to help guide you through choosing the correct container size, type and modifications to best suit their specific personal and business needs. To start your shipping container home or office journey, simply select one of our locations and get a quote.

Not sure if you are ready to buy a container yet? Our partner company, Make Space Storage, offers various shipping container rental services and storage solutions, including self-storage, parking, portable storage rentals, and moving services across Canada.

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