Shipping Container Modifications in Toronto

When you buy a new or used shipping container from Coast Containers in Toronto, we can install shipping container modifications and accessories. From vents to doors, container modifications allow owners to personalize their sea can to best meet their unique personal or commercial needs.

About Toronto Shipping Container Modifications

In Toronto, Coast Containers can help install container accessories to modify your shipping container. The main modifications provided at this location in Ontario include container vents, lock boxes, windows, and doors. Although many people do their own installations, hiring a professional for container modifications ensures that the addition to your container is done safely and correctly.

Vents for Shipping  Containers

Vents for Shipping Containers

When you install vents in your shipping container, it can help optimize the airflow within the container. In addition, this modification can help reduce the build-up of moisture so that you can keep the contents of your container in optimal condition. Finally, installing vents can help prevent mold within your container, stopping your items from becoming damaged by condensation, stale air, or mold.

$85 $210
Lock Box for Shipping  Containers

Lock Box for Shipping Containers

If you want to protect your lock and increase the safety and security of your shipping container, then installing a lock box is a must-have when it comes to container modifications. They do not require extra welding since they are designed to be bolt-on and are powder-coated dark gray, so no additional painting is required. In addition, their “Wave” appearance protects your lock and keeps it nicely hidden, protecting it from being easily accessible with bolt cutters. However, it is still convenient for you to attach your lock and access your container as needed.

$80 $205
Windows for Shipping  Containers

Windows for Shipping Containers

Adding this 3’x4’ sea container modification does not require welding since it is designed to be bolted onto the shipping container. The window is made of a heavy-duty one-piece nine-gauge integrated steel frame to ensure that it maintains the shipping container’s strong, durable, and safe standards. This modification includes having a sliding bug screen and drip plate for the window.

$675 $1050
Personnel Door  for Shipping Containers

Personnel Door for Shipping Containers

When modifying your shipping container with a personnel door, you or your employees can quickly enter and exit the container on a worksite. These doors are insulated and have a fire rating of 90 minutes. Personnel doors allow you great accessibility to your container as well as high levels of protection and security to the contents stored within the shipping container. (Door handles are sold separately)

$1150 $1525
Roll-up Door  for Shipping Containers

Roll-up Door for Shipping Containers

Adding a roll-up door to your shipping container is perfect for accessing the contents of the container when the container is being kept in a location where having large doors that require lots of space to open is not possible. This door is a great way to save space while still maintaining an easily accessible, safe and secure shipping container for your various needs. Since shipping containers come in different sizes and dimensions, prices will vary depending on the container. Please see the table for more information.

7’ $2150
8’2 $2250
10’ $3000

Why Modify a Shipping Container

There are many reasons why you might want to modify a shipping container you buy. It is common for people to personalize their containers so that they can better meet their needs. It can save time and increase your productivity or the safety of the container. Whether you need to install these accessories in your container to have it better serve you on a construction site or your company would benefit from these modifications when storing inventory, the benefits of adding these kinds of accessories to your containers are endless. Modifying shipping containers is popular for businesses and people who plan to utilize their containers at work locations or as a reliable structure on their property in Toronto or within the Greater Toronto Area. However, these sea can modifications in Toronto are ideal for anyone who wants added security, extra airflow, or personnel doors for their container.

If you are unsure which modification you need or want to learn more about installation prices, please reach out to one of our representatives at Coast Containers. They are happy to help answer your questions and can provide you with the best modifications for your unique requirements or needs. Also, if you do not see the exact type of modification or accessory on our website page, you can reach out to our staff. Be sure to enquire if we have it in stock or can accommodate the shipping container personalization.

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