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Coast Containers has affordable used and new shipping containers for sale across Canada. Our inventory is diverse and constantly changing. Select the closest Coast Containers location to your desired container delivery address for more information and details about our sea cans for sale in your area.
Our Products
We have a few different types and sizes of new storage containers for sale. New containers are also commonly known as one-trip containers within the industry. In addition, we have various accessories available so that you can modify the container to better meet your personal and business needs. Some accessories include windows, vents, locks, doors, shelves, and divider walls.
Benefits of Buying Your Own Container
Whether you want to purchase a shipping container for commercial or personal use, there are many benefits and advantages to owning a shipping container rather than renting one for a specific time. Owning a sea can allow you to modify, alter, and transform it into a uniquely tailored, long-lasting, reliable solution specially designed for you, your family, your work, or your business.
You do not have to stress over monthly storage container rental payments. Once you buy it, you are the proud owner. In addition, you now have the flexibility and freedom to utilize, personalize, accessorize, and modify your storage containers to best suit your needs, environment, and timeframe.
All of our new containers and used containers for sale are made from industrial-grade steel and are Wind and Watertight (WWT) and rodent-proof. In addition, our sea containers for sale are inspected to ensure that they are structurally sound with solid floors and functioning doors.
Price & Payment
Our company focuses on keeping costs low on our end while still providing high-quality services and containers to provide our customers with the best possible sea can prices on the market. We also have easy and convenient ways of payment.
Container Rentals
Not ready to buy yet, but still need a metal storage container? You can rent a storage container from our partner company. Make Space Storage provides storage and moving services, including self-storage units, RV/Boat parking spaces, and portable storage container rentals at various Make Space Storage facilities located across Canada.
I have bought more than 10 containers at Coast, and I was never disappointed.
Adam Jankins
The sales associate I worked with was very professional and great to work with. Every time I need more containers, I just call her.
Erin Smith
Great people to deal with and great prices
Lance Jober
Bought containers several times over the past couple years, some new and some used. Never had issues, sales rep Brooke is helpful and great to deal with. Got some shelves as well, picture attached
Amber Dutton
I bought a specialty container for my business at great price, and got it delivered as promised. No issues, simple process.
Welcome to Coast Containers

At Coast Containers, we sell both new shipping containers and used shipping containers across Canada. With a large inventory, we have a wide range of colours, sizes, and types of sea cans for sale at all of our locations, including our most common sea cans, such as 20ft storage containers and 40ft storage containers. If you do not see the specific type, size, or colour of the sea can you are looking to buy, please contact us and ask if we currently have it in stock or can provide your desired sea container.

Many of our metal storage containers are often used to protect and transport cargo or goods from one place to another. Customers frequently purchase a sea can for sale with the intent to use it in the following industries: agriculture, farming, construction, mining, moving, storage, retail, staging, real estate, industrial, commercial, residential, business, and transportation.

It has also become increasingly more popular for small businesses and individuals to buy shipping containers in Canada due to their affordability and dependability for different kinds of projects and to meet other needs. From storing inventory to undergoing significant container modifications, we are seeing many of our customers build beautiful shipping container offices, pop-up shops, garages, and even single-family container houses. When considering the details and solidifying the plans to modify your containers, it can be helpful to put aside all the typical uses that other people or companies use and simply think of the shipping containers as highly customizable big steel boxes.

Coast Containers has multiple locations across Canada, including facilities located in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. If you want to buy a shipping container for sale or if you are interested in multiple shipping containers, our representatives are happy to answer your questions. We can help you find the best shipping container prices, sizes, types, accessories, and delivery options available for your location or address. Feel free to get a quick quote or contact us by reaching out to one of our Coast Containers representatives.

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