Benefits of buying your own container
You don’t have to stress over monthly rental payments. Once you buy it, you’re the proud owner. You can use, personalize, and modify your storage container to meet your personal or business needs.
All of our new and used containers are structurally sound with solid floors and functioning doors. They are Wind and Watertight (WWT) and rodent-proof.
Price & Payment
We focus on keeping costs low so that we can provide our customers with the best possible prices on the market along with convenient ways of payment.
Container rentals
Not ready to buy yet? You can rent storage container(s) from our partner company. Make Space Storage offers self-storage, portable storage, and RV/Boat parking options in a variety of locations across Canada.
I have bought more than 10 containers at Coast, and I was never disappointed.
Adam Jankins
The sales associate I worked with was very professional and great to work with. Every time I need more containers, I just call her.
Erin Smith
Great people to deal with and great prices
Lance Jober
Bought containers several times over the past couple years, some new and some used. Never had issues, sales rep Brooke is helpful and great to deal with. Got some shelves as well, picture attached
Amber Dutton
I bought a specialty container for my business at great price, and got it delivered as promised. No issues, simple process.
Welcome to Coast Containers

Cargo / industrial / shipping / storage containers, sea cans, moving storage bins, metal storage containers, big steel boxes – whatever you call them – we have them!

At Coast Containers we sell both new and used shipping containers across Canada. Many of our customers enjoy the perks of owning their own container since they can modify and personalize it to meet their specific personal or business needs.

We sell several sizes including 20’ storage containers and 40’ storage containers. There are quite a few different types of sea cans available at our locations. No matter the size, quantity, or type of container you’re interested in purchasing, we are here to help guide you through the process as smoothly as possible. Our goal is to provide you with the right container to help you whether its for residential, agricultural, construction or general business uses.

Recent Blog Articles
May 12, 2022
Coast Containers
Top 3 Amazing Shipping Container Homes in Calgary
Shipping containers are often bought and used in storage, moving, construction, farming, and industrial industries. However, shipping containers are becoming popular alternatives for housing and office spaces due to their many benefits. We are excited to share some of the top shipping container houses in Calgary with you. If you are considering or planning to build a container home, there are a few common approaches to consider, including pre-built container homes and more hands-on approaches. Remember to check building permits and the bylaws for your area before starting construction. 
April 22, 2022
Coast Containers
How to Build an Underground Bunker Using Shipping Containers
Building an underground bunker using shipping containers is a great way to protect yourself and your family in the event of a natural disaster or other emergencies. Shipping containers are strong and can easily be buried underground, making them an ideal material for building bunkers. Here we will share some key points to consider during your planning and the main stages of how to build an underground bunker with shipping containers.
Container Summer
April 5, 2022
Coast Containers
How to Keep Your Container Cool During the Summer
Summertime brings hot weather and high temperatures. Whether you are using your shipping container as a home, office, garage, shed, or storage container, keeping cool during the hot summer season can be challenging. Shipping containers are made out of industrial-grade steel, which means that although they can protect your belongings from the weather, containers can become overheated and sometimes very humid. From optimizing airflow and installing insulation to container modifications, there are plenty of ways to keep your container cool during the hot summer months. 
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