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About used containers

We have used shipping containers for sale all around Canada. To learn more on how long they can be used before being sold and what issues they might have, please check our “Useful Tips” page. They are available in various sizes, colors and conditions. But most importantly – we ensure the best price for used shipping containers is available to you.  

To buy a used sea can online, choose the location that is closest to you, send a request and let us worry about the rest.

Used Sea Cans We Can Offer to Buy

20′ Standard
40′ Standard
40′ High Cube

If you need your container to serve you beyond shipping and storage needs, we can modify it to match just about any of your needs. Turning it into container house, shipping container pool, modular office, retail store or kiosk, or even quite a secure washroom – everything is possible if you’re looking for modified shipping containers for sale. Here are some insta container modifications that we can do for any of our served locations: Insulation, Roll-up doors, Ventilation system, Windows, Custom locks, Built-in furniture, Solar panels, Electrical, Skylights, Security bars.

All shipping container modifications are custom and based on your needs. If you want your container modified, please let us know at the time of purchase. Our knowledgeable specialists will help you with all the specifications and guide you through the process until what you need is delivered to your location.

Used Shipping & Storage Containers

Used shipping containers might be used for 5-10 years (or more!) for shipping freight or storing goods. There is almost no way to find out the exact history of the used sea can for sale, but this is not something that should bother you in the long run. Not if you want to save some money, at least.

20 ft standard shipping containers are the most popular containers for both shipping and storage. At the same time, used 20 ft high cube shipping containers for sale are also in demand. Being higher (9’6” against standard 8’6”), HC sea cans are less mobile but more suitable for storage needs that require more room. Used 40 ft shipping containers are popular as well as they provide enough room to cover any portable storage needs. However, any size can be easily used by farmers, construction and renovation companies, small and medium businesses with supply stocks, automotive and boat shops with numerous tools, and others.

Used shipping container prices vary based on the location as well as the condition of the inventory. Due to high volumes we are able to provide highly competitive rates. At the same time, we always guarantee the quality of our used sea cans for sale. Each container undergoes thorough inspection, and is only sold upon the quality approval.

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