New Shipping & Storage Containers for Sale

How Much Does a New Shipping Container Cost?
Container Type Price
20 STD From $4950
40 HC From $8400
Most Common New Sea Cans For Sale

We offer you to buy new 20’ storage containers and new 40’ storage containers for personal or business needs.

20′ Standard
40′ High Cube
More on One-Trip / New Containers

Following the industry standards, new shipping containers are commonly called “One Trip Containers” as opposed to used shipping containers that spend more time traveling and delivering all sorts of freight around the world, for at least several years.

If you’d like to buy a new shipping container, there are several questions to consider. The first one would be the size of the new shipping container that you need. We have many sizes of new shipping containers available but the most common sizes are There are 20’ and 40’ ft sea cans, that come in both standard and high cube. While those are quite spacious, some people prefer mini containers as they can be easily set up in the backyard.

New containers for sale often attract those who are interested in custom modifications or building container homes. On top of more reliable insulation and overall better condition, it’s much easier to trace what was shipped in new shipping containers during the one trip they traveled to arrive in Canada.

New shipping container pricing depends mostly on its the size of the shipping containers and the location. To order new sea containers, choose the closest city where we have a warehouse, and we’ll arrange the best delivery option to wherever you need it.

Although these containers are usually called “new” in the industry, technically they are all “one-trip”. It means that prior to the arrival to our warehouses they made one loaded run. To learn more about it, please visit our “Useful tips” page. However, we do have these nearly new shipping & storage containers for sale all around Canada.

Choose a location to see our supply and prices. You can choose any number of sea cans and order them online without any hassle.

What Size Shipping Container Do I Need?

Now that you know what size containers we offer, you need to decide what size container you will need for your personal or business items.

10ft New Shipping Containers
10ft New Shipping Containers
A 10ft container should be able to hold the contents of a studio or small one-bedroom apartment.
20ft New Shipping Containers
20ft New Shipping Containers
A 20 ft container can usually fit the contents of a one-to-two bedroom apartment.
40ft New Shipping Containers
40ft New Shipping Containers
A 40ft container can hold the contents of a two-three house with a living room, dining room, den and kitchen.
Different Types of Shipping Containers

We offer many different types of shipping containers although we may not have them all available online to order. Contact us today if you need something from the list even if you can’t find it on the location pages.

Dry Containers
Just your regular shipping containers popular for container sales and rentals. They are used for most cargo shipping of goods that don’t need to be temperature controlled.
Insulated and Thermal Shipping Containers
Used to transport goods that require regulated temperature such as foods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Any dry container can be insulated and modified to have control over the temperature.
High Cube Containers
Used to transport goods that require regulated temperature such as foods, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Any dry container can be insulated and modified to have control over the temperature.
Flat Rack Containers
Flat Rack storage containers have collapsible sides that can be folded down to make a flat rack. They are designed for shipping oversized, heavy cargo such as vehicles and machinery with up to 45 metric tons of cargo weight capacity.
Double Door Containers
Doors on both sides make it quick and easy to load and unload cargo.
Open Side Containers
The doors of open sided containers can open from all sides. This helps with storing larger items that don’t fit through the end side doors. This feature also makes it easier to load and unload the contents of the container.
Half-height Containers
These containers are designed with a low centre of gravity so they can hold heavy loads. Half-height shipping containers are often used for transporting heavy items such as stones and coal making them an ideal option for the mining industry.

If you need your container to serve you beyond shipping and storage needs, we can modify it to match just about any of your needs. Turning it into container house, shipping container pool, modular office, retail store or kiosk, or even quite a secure washroom – everything is possible if you’re looking for modified shipping containers for sale. Here are some insta container modifications that we can do for any of our served locations: Insulation, Roll-up doors, Ventilation system, Windows, Custom locks, Built-in furniture, Solar panels, Electrical, Skylights, Security bars.

All shipping container modifications are custom and based on your needs. If you want your container modified, please let us know at the time of purchase. Our knowledgeable specialists will help you with all the specifications and guide you through the process until what you need is delivered to your location.

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