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How to Stop Condensation in Shipping Containers
July 29, 2022
Coast Containers
6 Steps How to Stop Condensation in Shipping Containers
Condensation can be a serious problem for shipping containers because it can damage the contents of the container and lead to an unhealthy damaging internal environment. Container rain and container are common names for condensation in storage containers throughout multiple industries. However, if you are having condensation problems in your shipping container, the good news is that there are some things you can do to help prevent and reduce the problem.
business storage
July 8, 2022
Coast Containers
6 Reasons Why Companies Should Buy Shipping Containers
There are many commercial and personal uses for shipping containers. However, many individuals and business owners ask why buying a shipping container for companies would benefit their business in the short-term and long-term. While shipping containers are more prevalent in some industries, numerous companies find considerable advantages to utilizing them for various demands. For example, one reason to own a shipping container is that it can be personalized and modified based on the ever-changing requirements and needs of a company or business. 
secure your shipping container
June 20, 2022
Coast Containers
How to Secure a Shipping Container: 6 Things You Should Know
It is common for businesses and individuals to research and invest in security cameras and systems. Although this is an important part, there are additional steps someone can take to optimize their shipping container security systems. It is essential to keep in mind that depending on its uses, the environment, and regulations, there might be some required safety and security standards that must be followed. This article covers what to consider when securing your shipping container once it is delivered to your location and some of the best ways to make the items and contents within your shipping container more secure.
Types of shipping containers
June 9, 2022
Coast Containers
9 Different Shipping Container Names
There are so many different shipping container names that many people wonder if they are using the correct name for a cargo container, sea can, or storage container. To add to the confusion, there are also various types of containers that can add to the many names of shipping containers amongst multiple industries and countries. This article explores the reasons behind each name and type to help clarify the question: what are shipping containers called?
May 12, 2022
Coast Containers
Top 3 Amazing Shipping Container Homes in Calgary
Shipping containers are often bought and used in storage, moving, construction, farming, and industrial industries. However, shipping containers are becoming popular alternatives for housing and office spaces due to their many benefits. We are excited to share some of the top shipping container houses in Calgary with you. If you are considering or planning to build a container home, there are a few common approaches to consider, including pre-built container homes and more hands-on approaches. Remember to check building permits and the bylaws for your area before starting construction. 
April 22, 2022
Coast Containers
How to Build an Underground Bunker Using Shipping Containers
Building an underground bunker using shipping containers is a great way to protect yourself and your family in the event of a natural disaster or other emergencies. Shipping containers are strong and can easily be buried underground, making them an ideal material for building bunkers. Here we will share some key points to consider during your planning and the main stages of how to build an underground bunker with shipping containers.
Container Summer
April 5, 2022
Coast Containers
How to Keep Your Container Cool During the Summer
Summertime brings hot weather and high temperatures. Whether you are using your shipping container as a home, office, garage, shed, or storage container, keeping cool during the hot summer season can be challenging. Shipping containers are made out of industrial-grade steel, which means that although they can protect your belongings from the weather, containers can become overheated and sometimes very humid. From optimizing airflow and installing insulation to container modifications, there are plenty of ways to keep your container cool during the hot summer months. 
March 16, 2022
Coast Containers
Incredible Shipping Container Homes & Offices in Toronto
While most shipping containers are used for transporting things from one place to another, homeowners are looking for alternative housing solutions that are modular, durable, easily transportable, and stylish. It is important to remember that if you are interested in having your own container home or container office, it is critical to check the bylaws and permits in your location. We are excited to share the best shipping container houses in Toronto with you as well as the largest storage container market in Canada.
January 27, 2022
Coast Containers
5 Reasons You Should Have a Container Garage
Shipping containers are handy when you are short on space and need a cost-effective solution for your personal or business storage needs. You might be asking yourself: why use a shipping container as a garage? To answer your question, compared to building a new garage, having a container garage is considerably easier to install, modify and maintain on your property. Many of our customers convert their sea container into a garage because it’s ideal for storing their car, boat, motorcycle, bike, and tools in a dry and safe place on their property. Here we will share what you need to know before getting started and the different reasons why there are so many benefits of using a sea container garage.
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