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Main Blog 8 Practical Ways to Use Shipping Containers for On-Site School Storage

8 Practical Ways to Use Shipping Containers for On-Site School Storage

October 11, 2022
Coast Containers

There are several benefits of using shipping containers for school storage. These versatile and durable storage spaces are great for sports or maintenance equipment, PE uniforms, extra desks and chairs, decorations, and many other items. In this article, discover some of the main reasons why schools use storage containers to meet their needs and some of the best ways to use storage containers at schools. 

Why Schools Use Shipping Containers for On-Site Storage

As any teacher knows, having ample storage space is key to running a successful classroom. From books and school supplies to games and art projects, there always seem to be more things to store than there is space to store them. That is where shipping containers come in. Shipping containers are a versatile and affordable solution for on-site school storage, and they can be used in various ways to suit your specific needs.

In addition to helping teachers, shipping container storage can help meet the needs of school admin staff and maintenance workers. They are great on-site school spaces for organizing documents, records, extra furniture, supplies and equipment. In addition, shipping containers are cheap options for extra school storage. They are easy to deliver and require little maintenance. As a result, schools often use them as affordable options compared to all the requirements needed for brand-new buildings and storage spaces. 

8 Practical Storage Uses for Shipping Containers at Schools

Purchasing shipping containers can meet your school’s multiple storage needs. Containers are versatile and can be used to store different kinds of items throughout the seasons, terms, and semesters. Here are some of the best shipping container storage uses for schools:

1. Store Sports Equipment

One of the most common ways to use shipping containers for school storage is to store athletic equipment. A storage container can provide a great solution if your school’s gymnasium or locker room is overflowing with balls, cones, and other sports equipment. In addition, these secure shipping containers provide a sturdy and waterproof option for storing seasonal sports stuff during off-seasons or over summer vacations and holidays.

2. Organize Arts and Crafts Supplies

Ribbons, glitter, construction paper, and other arts and crafts supplies can be challenging to keep organized and tidy. A shipping container can help you keep these items off the floor and out of the way until they are needed for class projects or school-wide events. This can be especially helpful for storing seasonal school supplies and crafts for annual or holiday projects. 

3. Keep Maintenance & Cleaning Equipment 

Shipping containers can also be used to store school maintenance equipment, such as lawnmowers, snow blowers, and power washers. This is a great way to free up space in your school’s maintenance shed for other purposes. Plus, it will help keep your maintenance equipment safe and secure from theft when it is not in use. 

4. Store Props and Costumes in Shipping Containers

Does your theatre department always have boxes of old scripts, props and costumes taking up space in the drama room? Shipping containers can store drama and music equipment and items in between school shows, rehearsals, and competitions. 

5. Keep Records and Documents Safe

Shipping containers can have shelving installed and are optimal sizes for storing boxes of records and documents in a dry and safe environment on school grounds. This is perfect for school administrators since they can easily access paper records from the container while still having plenty of space in the office. 

6. Store Emergency Supplies

In the event of a natural disaster or other emergencies, it is crucial to have emergency supplies on hand. Water, non-perishable food items, first aid kits, and flashlights can all be stored in a shipping container, so they are readily available when needed most. 

7. Store Extra Furniture, Supplies, and Equipment 

Shipping containers can provide great on-site school storage solutions for the extra furniture, supplies and school equipment while they are not in use. From playground equipment to chairs and tables for events and assemblies, storage containers are reliable and affordable choices for many teachers and schools. 

8. Storage for School Events and Fundraisers

You can use shipping containers to store multiple supplies and inventory for school events and fundraisers. They make great dry spaces for hosting and organizing fundraisers and school-wide fun days or events. Teachers and volunteers can efficiently utilize shipping containers to coordinate donations and supplies throughout school events and fundraisers. 

5 Other Shipping Container Uses for Teachers and Students

Did you know that you can use shipping containers to meet other needs at your school? Here are some other popular shipping container uses for schools:

1. Convert Shipping Containers into Classrooms and Spaces 

One way to use shipping containers at schools is to convert them into classrooms or staff rooms. This is an excellent solution if your school is running out of space and you do not have the budget for a traditional classroom addition. Shipping container classrooms can be outfitted with all the necessary amenities, including electric and plumbing hookups, HVAC systems, and insulation. Plus, they can be built quickly and easily, so you can get your new classrooms up and running in no time.

2. On-site Libraries for Books and School Supplies 

Another great way to use shipping containers is to create an on-site library. If your school does not have enough space for a traditional library, you can easily convert a shipping container into an attractive and functional school library. You can line the container walls with shelves and fill them with books, magazines, and other materials that students can check out and return at their convenience. 

3. Locker Rooms for Sports and Gym Equipment 

Shipping containers make great locker rooms because they are weatherproof and durable – two things that are essential for storing sports equipment. Plus, their modular design allows you to add or remove lockers as needed quickly. So whether your sports team is expanding or contracting, you will always have the perfect number of lockers for your needs.

4. First Aid Room for Fun Days and Events

When providing first aid care, shipping containers can be an excellent option for schools and other organizations. They are large enough to provide plenty of space for medical supplies and equipment and can be easily moved to different locations as needed. Shipping containers can also be outfitted with features to ensure that first aid staff have everything they need to provide care. 

5. Transporting Equipment and Items for School Competitions and Trips

For many schools, transporting equipment and items for competitions and trips can be challenging. Unlike traditional transportation methods, storage containers can be quickly loaded and unloaded, offering more storage space. With so many benefits, it is no wonder that shipping containers are becoming an increasingly popular choice for coaches, teachers, and schools transporting equipment and items for competitions and trips. Shipping containers can easily organize and store items on the side of sports fields, at schools, and in parking lots. 

Final Thoughts

Buying shipping containers are affordable, versatile, and durable storage solutions for schools. By utilizing containers, schools can free up space in the main building, create additional storage solutions for bulky items or seasonal items, and create safe and secure areas for students and staff alike. In addition, shipping containers can be purchased and used by local businesses and companies. So, when your school does not need it, you can partner with an organization or team in your community that needs somewhere for their items, tools, supplies, and equipment.

Coast Containers has many sizes and types of new and used shipping containers for sale. Find our closest location to your school for fast container delivery times and reasonable prices. We also have container offices, accessories, and modifications available to help accommodate your needs. You can request a quote or contact us today to discover how our storage containers for sale can best support your school, staff, and students with our reliable shipping containers.

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