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How to Secure a Shipping Container: 6 Things You Should Know

June 20, 2022
Coast Containers

It is common for businesses and individuals to research and invest in security cameras and systems. Although this is an important part, there are additional steps someone can take to optimize their shipping container security systems. It is essential to keep in mind that depending on its uses, the environment, and regulations, there might be some required safety and security standards that must be followed. This article covers what to consider when securing your shipping container once it is delivered to your location and some of the best ways to make the items and contents within your shipping container more secure.

What Does Security Mean for a Shipping Container?

When it comes to shipping containers, security measures are similar to most homes or buildings. However, there are a few additional vital factors to consider when planning and implementing how to secure your shipping container on location, for transportation and its contents. For example, sea containers on a construction or work site will require a different approach than containers placed on a person’s private property. When it comes to your sea container security, your security measures will vary based on the size, condition and type of container, where you are keeping your container, what you are storing inside it, and how you are utilizing it.

6 Ways to Secure a Shipping Container

Storage containers are often viewed as safe and secure places to store items and tools as they are specifically designed to be wind and watertight (WWT) and made from industrial-grade steel. Although these metal shipping containers are strong and durable, when you buy a used or new shipping container, it is essential to ensure that you have quality security. Here are several easy and affordable ways for you to create a secure sipping container for both personal and business needs:

1. Create a secure place for your shipping container

Before delivery having a solid foundation for your container is a great way to protect your container and anything you plan to store inside it. If you do not need or know how to secure a shipping container to the ground, then simply placing the container on gravel or a flat concrete area is sufficient. When doing this, you are taking proactive preventative measures to create a secure and safe place for your shipping container. If your storage container is going to be kept or used at a work site or on personal property, then you should consider placing it inside a fenced area is another excellent way to optimize the shipping container’s security for both long-term and short-term usage. 

2. Ensure your container is sealed and well maintained 

Checking that your container is sealed and well maintained is one way to ensure your container stays reliable, robust, and secure for many years. Doing this is especially important for sea cans that are being used on construction sites or in environments that could potentially damage the container and your shipping container security items or methods. In addition, if you have modified your sea can, it is crucial to check that the modifications, accessories, and personalizations are maintained and not detrimental to your container security. For example, if you stack multiple containers or have connected them together, it is crucial to confirm and check that they stay safe and securely fastened at all times.

3. Regularly check the contents and shipping container security  

Whether you are accessing your container daily or less regularly, it is recommended that you consistently check the contents being stored inside the container. An excellent way to do this quickly is to have an updated list of your items, belongings, or equipment. In addition, regularly checking your shipping container security system for potential concerns is a great way to ensure it is working smoothly. Remember to take into account where your container is stored on location or your property during your regular checks. For example, if your shipping container is on uneven ground or soft soil, consistently checking that the container is secure is essential.  This way, you can address any security or safety issues promptly and effectively, either as they come up or in advance.

4. Install a container lockbox 

Using a container lockbox is generally pretty easy to install and requires a short period of time since it can simply be bolted or fastened on your container. A lockbox is a great way to reduce a person’s ability to tamper with your padlock while also protecting from weather or conditions that would form rust or corrosion on your lock. When you purchase a shipping container from Coast Containers, you can add a lockbox for your container to your order. For more information about the lockboxes and other container accessories we have for sale, you can visit our accessories page on our website. 

5. Use reliable sea can lock for your container

Ensuring that you have a reliable and durable lock for your container is crucial for protecting the contents and items inside. Remember to double-check that you have also fully locked your padlock when you lock container doors each time. Coast Containers has a variety of locks for sale so that customers can take immediate steps to create the most secure storage container that is ready for instant personal or business use. Having a reliable lock for your sea can is the minimum way to protect whatever you keep inside the container. You can use most padlocks for your container. However, durable locks are ideal for all portable or mobile storage containers and most storage lockers or on-site containers. 

6. Consider installing or building a security system

If you are unsure how to secure a 40 foot shipping container or any type and size of a storage container, consider seak professional advice from a security company. In addition, you can also have them professionally install or build a security system specifically for your unique needs. This tip for securing a sea can is ideal for businesses storing inventory, supplies, equipment, or tools. For containers that are storing valuable possessions, this is also one of the best strategies for having a quality security system for your belongings and shipping container.

Final Thoughts

With careful planning and implementation, knowing how to secure a shipping container and its contents is easy and budget-friendly. Be sure to purchase and plan the locks, accessories, modifications and security features you will need for the best environments and locations optimal for secure shipping containers and their contents. If in doubt, consulting a professional or utilizing security services from a local company is always a good idea. 

You can use a combination of the various ways to secure a shipping container that are listed in this article for most sizes, types, and conditions, including the new and used shipping containers that are part of Coast Containers’ large inventory. If you are interested in buying multiple storage containers or a single shipping container, request a customized quote for your desired delivery location today. You can learn more about our locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. 

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