Shipping Container Parts and Accessories

3 shelf Shelving bracket

The bracket provides plenty of shelf space without taking up your valuable floor space. You can store items as large as 32” tall on the floor under the shelves. It hooks and unhooks easily to container lashing rings located approximately every 5 ft along the top of the container.

4 shelf Shelving bracket

Ideal to use in high cube containers and standard containers. This bracket provides lots of shelf space without interfering with the floor space in your storage container. It hooks and unhooks easily to container lashing rings located approximately every 5 ft along the top of the wall.

Pipe rack

This rack is perfect for horizontal storage inside your container. It hooks and unhooks easily to container lashing rings located approximately every 5 ft along the top of the container. These sea container parts can help you organize and maximize the space within your container.


The vent helps prevent moisture build-up while also allowing optimal airflow. In addition, it has an integrated bug screen to deter insects or rodents from entering your container. These vents are often seen as must-haves when adding accessories and shipping container parts in Canada since they can help regulate air, humidity, and temperature.

Divider wall

The divider is made of powder-coated dark grey corrugated steel. You can convert any container into two secure storage spaces. The divider wall is designed for standard height containers, but we offer an extension panel for high cube containers.

3′x4′ Window

Heavy-duty one-piece nine-gauge integrated steel frame to ensure strength and security. These sea container parts are designed to be bolted onto the container, so no welding is required. Also, these shipping container accessories include a sliding bug screen and a drip plate.

Twist Lock

These shipping container parts are specifically designed to connect two shipping containers vertically. Each lock is treated with a galvanized finish to help prevent rusting even in the most rigorous environments. Safe working load tension is 250 kilonewtons.

Man Door

These personnel doors are designed to allow easy access to your container while also offering a high level of protection to your stored goods. They are insulated with a fire rating of 90 mins. Door handles are sold separately.

Bridge Fitting

Bridge Fittings are designed to safely and securely connect empty or loaded shipping containers together horizontally by connecting their corner castings. These sea container parts are especially important when ensuring the safety and stability of a cargo container.

Lock box

Many customers find that this is one of the most reliable shipping container parts in Canada to ensure the security of their portable storage containers. The lock is designed to be bolt-on and comes powder-coated dark gray, so no additional welding or painting is required. In addition, the ‘Wave’ design keeps the lock nicely hidden, protecting the lock from being easily accessible to bolt cutters, while still allowing you to attach your lock quickly and easily.

Sobo Locks

These cargo container parts have a High-security shackle with hardened steel and triple chrome-plated construction for maximum cut and corrosion resistance. In addition, the Sobo lock parts have a unique key system that s challenging to duplicate, pick resistant, and a key retaining feature ensures the lock is not left unlocked.

About Container Accessories & Modifications

While you are looking to buy a new or used shipping container, you may also be considering shipping container accessories and parts. For example, if you plan to turn the shipping container into an office, adding windows and shelving brackets can help transform your new workspace.

Even if you’re not planning on anything fancy, some of the add-ons we offer can come in handy. The shelving brackets, pipe racks, and lockboxes are especially useful when you are using your sea can for various storage purposes. When you install accessories such as vents when you are planning to modify a container, it can help maintain the quality of your goods and increases the internal air circulation. Also, when you install sea container accessories, door parts, and lock parts to your container, there are many benefits with regard to storage security and usability.

Our shipping container parts and accessories are installed at our company facilities located across Canada. Each of our sea can accessories, or container parts that we install are unique and specific to a customer’s personal or business needs. Coast Containers is happy to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact us today to submit your order, request a quote or learn more about how our services can best meet your needs by providing the best prices that we can for shipping container accessories in Canada. Also, if there is a specific accessory or modification that you are looking for which is not currently on our website, feel free to contact us and ask if we have it in stock.

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