Shipping Container Parts and Accessories

3 shelf Shelving bracket

This bracket provides immense shelf space and rigid stock storage without interfering with valuable floor space. The shelf allows for items as large as 24” tall to be stored on the floor under the shelves. 

4 shelf Shelving bracket

This bracket provides immense shelf space and rigid stock storage without interfering with valuable floor space. Ideal for use in a high-cube container, as well as standard containers. 

Pipe rack

Perfect for horizontal storage either inside or outside your container. Easily hooks to container D-rings and removed just as easy. Engineered and load tested; load rating of 2000 lbs. per two shelf brackets.


Integrated bug screen to prevent any rodents or insects from entering your container, plus providing great ventilation. Help prevent moisture build-up, eliminate dangerous fumes and chemicals, and allow optimal airflow. 

Divider wall

Convert any container into two separate storage spaces that are completely secure from each other. This product is made of corrugated steel for added strength and security and powder coated dark grey. 

3′x4′ Window

Heavy-duty one-piece nine-gauge integrated steel frame to ensure strength and security. Designed to be bolted on to the container so no welding is required. The product includes a sliding bug screen and a drip plate.

Twist Lock

Designed to connect two shipping containers vertically. Each lock is treated with a galvanized finish to help prevent rusting even in the most rigorous environments. Safe working load tension is 250 kilonewtons. 

Man Door

Add a convenient way to access the inside of your shipping container with the INSTA Aluminum Slat Rollshutter Door. It includes the aluminum rails and all necessary hardware. Has a built-in handle.

Bridge Fitting

Used to securely connect two containers side by side or end to end. Compatible with all ISO type containers. Minimum four (4) bridge fittings required for safe horizontal flush connections. 

Rated Capacity: 10 tons / 10,000 kgs. 

Lock box

Designed to be bolt-on and comes powder coated dark gray so no welding and no painting required. The ‘Wave’ design keeps the lock hidden, protecting locks from being accessible to bolt cutters while allowing easier access when attaching the lock.

Sobo Locks

High-security shackle with hardened steel and triple chrome-plated construction for maximum cut and corrosion resistance. The key system is difficult to duplicate, pick resistant, and a key retaining feature ensures the lock is not left unlocked. 


While you are looking to buy a new or used shipping container, you might also consider looking into container accessories. They are absolutely necessary if you are going to modify container or build a container home. However, even if you don’t plan any modifications there are some add-ons that might come in handy.

For example, if you plan to use your sea can as a storage, you might consider looking into additional locks such as lock box, sobo lock or twist lock. Each of them contributes to the security of your portable storage. Another thing you might want to consider is vents. They will contribute to maintaining the quality of goods you need to store in your sea can.

Another amazing way of using a shipping container is turning it into a container office. In this case you might need divider walls, windows and shelving brackets. We can get all the mentioned accessories for you at great prices.

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