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How to Organize your Shipping Container in 5 Easy Steps

August 22, 2022
Coast Containers

Storage containers are easy to move, so you can keep them at your business, worksite, or even in your driveway, depending on your shipping container organization ideas and storage needs. There are many benefits to using containers for organizing your belongings and keeping them in storage. By following the tips for organizing a shipping container in this article, you can maximize the space in your container while also keeping your items safe and secure.

Are Shipping Containers Really Convenient for Storage? 

Although we often think of using shipping containers for transportation, shipping containers can provide excellent additional storage space for families and businesses alike. If you are interested in a shipping container for storage organization, then you can rest assured that it is easy to maintain and is a reliable solution for keeping your belongings, items, equipment, tools, supplies, inventory, or furniture in a safe place. 

Containers are made of industrial-grade steel and specifically designed to keep whatever is being held inside safe and protected from harsh weather, rodents, and water. Their design makes them a great space to safely store inside the storage container your items that are taking up limited storage space in your home, business, or office. At Coast Containers, all of our new and used sea cans are wind and water tight (WWT), rodent-proof and inspected to ensure that they are structurally sound. This means that no matter the type or size of the container you decide to get, it will be ready for immediate use and, with some minor maintenance, will last for many years.

5 Easy Steps to Get Your Shipping Container Storage Organized 

Although they have plenty of storage potential, it can be challenging to prepare and organize your container to store your items, equipment, and supplies in a way that best matches your storage ideas. However, with these easy steps, you can create unique spaces within your container for your various belongings. Whether you need a storage container for short-term, long-term or seasonal storage, these sturdy containers make reliable and long-lasting storage solutions. 

Step 1: Start with a Plan for Your Shipping Container

The first step in organizing shipping container storage is to create a plan for what you need to pack in your container. In this step, you should outline any items that will be more difficult to load or will need more attention before putting them into storage. Ensure that you keep your plan updated each time you change the contents of your container or if you reorganize where they are inside.

Step 2: Install the Right Storage Container Accessories

It is essential to install container accessories to help with your shipping container organization for storage needs. You can install shelving and hooks inside your container to help you utilize your container. One of the best things to install is a strong container shelving unit to store items on eye-level shelves. Coast Containers has a diverse selection of container accessories available if you are interested in purchasing and installing container shelving, locks, vents, and windows for your sea can. 

Step 3: Group Like Items Together

In this step, when you load and pack shipping container storage to optimize the storage space for your belongings, try grouping similar items together. For example, if you are storing seasonal items, then designating a specific spot inside the container for your winter gear, holiday decorations, or for your work tools can help you access and find them in the future. This step is also helpful if you plan to create safe paths throughout the shipping container so that you can easily reach the different groups of items.  

Step 4: Start Packing Your Container from the Back

An important step on how to keep shipping container storage organized is to start packing from the back to the front of your container. In addition, you should keep in mind your organizing system and ensure that your stored items are in the correct space for when you need them. This step can be helpful for those who are storing multiple types of objects and things within the container. Such as if you are keeping your office furniture, desks, holiday decorations, extra products, or equipment. 

Step 5: Label Boxes and Items

One of the best ways to optimize the organization of shipping container storage is to clearly label boxes and items on all sides. With the proper labelling, you will be able to find and easily access your stuff quickly and efficiently. This step is also helpful if you know that more than one person will pack, unpack, and access your storage container. For example, if you are using a container to organize and store your business merchandise or supplies, then following this step can help any employee find the right product quickly and efficiently. 

Tips on How to Properly Organize Storage Space in a Shipping Container

You can prevent your storage container from getting cluttered and full of easily forgotten items. With a bit of careful planning, clear labelling, and mindful packing, you can keep track of your belongings in a storage container. However, if you plan to move the container to different locations when it is full of items, then you should keep this in mind when packing and managing your container. With these tips, you will know how to organize a shipping container storage area to best match the items, equipment, tools, merchandise, and things you plan to put into storage.

  • Make a List: Keep a list of what is in each container so you can easily find what you are looking for and bring them in and out of storage as needed. This tip will help you optimize your shipping container organization and will save you time and frustration in the long run.
  • Pack Boxes Properly: Use boxes within the shipping container to keep smaller items organized. This tip will help you maximize space and prevent things from getting lost. In addition, you can use boxes that can easily be opened if you know that you will need to open them regularly.
  • Storing Fragile Items: Use the correct protective packing supplies, such as bubble wrap or packing paper to keep your fragile and delicate items safe. Ideally, you will want to place these items in a spot that is easy to access from your container so that you do not risk them getting damaged.
  • Packing Bulky & Heavy Items: Place large and bulky items in less accessible places in your container. For example, ensure that you do not overpack cardboard boxes containing heavy items such as books or small tools.
  • Sort & Store Things Mindfully: To organize a shipping container storage mindfully, start by sorting through your items and decide what you really need to keep readily available and which you can put into storage. This tip will closely relate to your primary organization and storage plan. 

Final Thoughts

From storing your products and merchandise or work equipment to keeping your furniture and seasonal items safe, there are many reasons to buy a shipping container for personal or commercial storage. With a combination of careful planning, preparation, and organization, you will know how to organize a shipping container, and you will benefit from all the storage perks that shipping containers offer.

Coast Containers has a large inventory of different sizes and types of new and used sea cans for sale across Canada. You can learn more about our locations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. If you are interested in buying multiple storage containers or a single shipping container, request a customized quote for your desired delivery location today. Not sure if you are ready to buy a container yet? Our partner company, Make Space Storage, offers various moving and storage solutions, including self-storage units, parking spaces, and portable storage containers for rent across Canada.

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