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6 Reasons Why Companies Should Buy Shipping Containers

July 8, 2022
Coast Containers

There are many commercial and personal uses for shipping containers. However, many individuals and business owners ask why buying a shipping container for companies would benefit their business in the short-term and long-term. While shipping containers are more prevalent in some industries, numerous companies find considerable advantages to utilizing them for various demands. For example, one reason to own a shipping container is that it can be personalized and modified based on the ever-changing requirements and needs of a company or business. 

What Types of Companies Can Buy Shipping Containers

While just about any business can buy a shipping container for storage or other purposes, some businesses may find them especially useful. For instance, companies that frequently ship large or heavy products overseas may find multiple benefits of buying shipping containers. Such as, companies might find that buying containers is more economical than hiring them each time they need to send a shipment. Additionally, companies with limited on-site storage space may utilize them to keep excess inventory or seasonal items. 

Here are a few examples of companies and businesses that could benefit from owning shipping containers:

  • Storage and warehousing business
  • Transportation and logistics business
  • Construction, contractor, and renovation company
  • Farming or agriculture business
  • Staging or real estate business
  • Shipping container business
  • Manufacturer or distributor company
  • Wholesaler or retailer business
  • E-commerce business
  • Import/export business

6 Main Reasons Why Companies Buy Shipping Containers 

Storage containers offer many advantages for businesses, making them a popular choice for those needing extra space, a mobile office or workspace, or a temporary structure. Although there are numerous reasons why companies buy a shipping container, a few main driving reasons contribute to their decisions. 

1. Extra Storage Space

One of the most common reasons to purchase a shipping container for companies is because they need extra storage space. They can provide a convenient and cost-effective way to increase storage capacity, whether you need to store inventory, equipment, tools, or other materials. Shipping containers can be placed on your property or at another location, providing you with the flexibility to store things where it makes the most sense for your business. Additionally, sea cans are perfect for storing seasonal items or office supplies to clear up your workspace during busy seasons, while moving, or if your company is undergoing renovations. 

2. Mobile Office or Workspace

Another popular reason to buy a shipping container is if a company wants to create a secure and safe mobile office or workspace. Shipping containers can be outfitted with electricity, heating and cooling, and other amenities to create a comfortable and functional space that can be used for meetings, training sessions, or other purposes. Containers are an excellent option for businesses that move work sites and need a temporary or semi-permanent workspace but do not want to lease or buy a traditional office space.

3. Temporary Structure for Construction or Other Purposes

One of the reasons to buy a shipping container is for everyday commercial use for shipping containers is a temporary structure for construction or other purposes. Shipping containers can be used as offices, storage areas, bathrooms, or other facilities on construction sites and by contractors. Companies also use them to construct temporary shelters during natural disasters or other emergencies. 

4. Easy to Transport and Relocate

Shipping containers are built to be transported by trucks, ships, and trains so they can move locations quickly and efficiently. In addition, storage containers can be stacked and loaded rapidly and smoothly, making them ideal for many businesses. Their design is just one of the benefits of buying a shipping container since they are convenient for companies that need to relocate frequently or have multiple locations. They also offer a high degree of flexibility and availability regarding transportation and storage. 

5. Shipping Containers are Cost-effective

One reason to invest in shipping containers is that they are typically more cost-effective than traditional transportation methods, such as trucks or trains. Additionally, sea cans require low maintenance and are made from industrial-grade metal, making them strong and frequently used, thus reducing costs for businesses over time. 

6. Shipping Containers are Durable, Secure, and Customizable

Storage containers are durable steel that can withstand harsh weather conditions and rough handling. They can also be equipped with security features, such as locks and alarm systems, which can deter break-ins and theft. Additionally, sea cans can be very adaptive for business needs as they are modular in design, allowing companies to customize them for their work-site, employee needs, or inventory. 

Popular Types and Sizes of Shipping Containers for Businesses 

There are many sizes and types suitable for commercial and personal needs. Many individuals find that one of the best reasons to buy shipping containers for a company is the diverse selection of containers available. The first step is to decide if your company should buy a new shipping container or a used shipping container. This choice is often based on the intended use since new sea cans are typically more aesthetically pleasing than used sea cans that have been used for multiple years.  

The next factor to consider is the container’s dimensions and sizes. Commercial shipping containers come in various sizes, the most common being 20-foot and 40-foot sea cans. There are standard and high cube containers which are one foot taller than a standard-sized. 40’ sea containers are ideal for storing larger equipment. A 20’ sea can is often used to store merchandise and supplies and is commonly used as a work office. 

Final Thoughts

If you are considering purchasing shipping containers for your business, consider the benefits they can provide for employees, sales, work-site, and the company. Coast Containers has a wide range of shipping containers for sale at each of our locations across Canada. Our company’s representatives are happy to help you find the best sea can that fulfills your requirements and can answer any container questions you might have. If you are interested in purchasing a new or used container, you can request a quote for your desired delivery address today. Whether you want to own a shipping container for a small business or a larger organization, there are multiple advantages of shipping containers for commercial use.Are you unsure if you are ready to buy a container yet? Make Space Storage, our partner company, offers various moving and storage solutions, including portable storage containers, self-storage units, parking rentals, and packing supplies across Canada.

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