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Our New Online Parts & Accessories Store is Open!

August 18, 2023
Coast Containers

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable place to order shipping container parts and accessories? Whether you need to repair, modify, or enhance your container, you will find everything you need at our new online parts & accessories store!

Our new user-friendly and secure e-commerce shipping container parts store allows you to browse and order from a wide range of container parts and accessories for sale – even new shipping containers as well – with only a few clicks. You can check out our featured products on the store page or browse by category. You can also view detailed product descriptions, specifications, and images by clicking on a specific product you’re interested in.

Once you’ve added your products to your cart, you can check out using your preferred payment method, and we’ll send you updates with your order status along the way. You can also contact our customer service team anytime if you have any questions or issues.

What’s for Sale?

Our new online container accessories & parts store offers high quality parts & accessories for all types of applications. Whether you’re just looking for a simple solution to lock or secure the doors of your container – or you want to take it to the next level with windows, doors, or vents – we’ve got everything you need. In the section below we’ll break down some of our favourite products along with direct links to their store page.


If you’re goal is to connect one or more shipping containers or sea cans together – you’ll definitely want to check out our ‘Connections’ category. With these products, you’ll be able to safely and securely lock two more containers in place.

Bridge Fittings

When you’re looking to lock two or more containers together side-by-side, you’ll definitely want to purchase a bridge fitting to accomplish this. Made of industrial-grade steel, these container connectors are the absolute best option for ensuring both the stability and safety of your containers.

Learn more or purchase now on our e-commerce store here.

Twist Locks & Corner Post Stackers

If you’re looking to stack one or more containers together (on top of each other) you’ll definitely want to consider purchasing either a corner post stacker or a twist lock. These two items all you to add a corner point onto the bottom container that safely connects the container being stacked on top to it.

The main difference between these two items is that the Twist lock allows you to lock in the container after it’s been placed on top with a convenient handle while the corner post stacker only adds a point for the top container to slot into.

To learn more or purchase a Corner Post Stacker click here.

To view our Twist Locks, click here.

Locks & Other Accessories

When you’re looking for a way to secure your cargo within your container or protect the contents of the container from thieves or any unauthorized access whatsoever – you’ll definitely want to check out our Locks & Straps category. Here are some of our featured products.

Lock Boxes

The easiest way to help prevent any unauthorized access to your container is by installing a simple lock box to the doors. These security focused accessories allow you to create a protective shielding over your lock so that they cannot be easily cut off by bolt cutters or other tools. Additionally, thanks to their bolt-on design – they are one of the simplest (and most-used) accessories you can add to your container.

You can order your Lock Box here.

Ratchet Straps

Sold in a pack of 4 – these ratchet straps are a handy addition to any arsenal of container accessories. If you haven’t used ratchet straps before – they simply let you tie down your tools, items, equipment, or other possessions within your container and with a convenient and easy to use locking system, you can easily adjust the tightness and lock them in place to ensure your things don’t move around during transit.

Check out our branded ratchet straps here.

Disc Lock

Often coupled with the lock boxes, our stainless-steel disc lock is another handy container accessory that features an cut and saw resistant design and are weather / rust resistant – so you can be sure that you’ll be able to use them for a long time.

You can check out our disc lock store page here.

Custom Ordered Parts

In addition to our readily available shipping container parts & accessories – we also offer a number of custom ordered parts and accessories. These items are often larger products that require customized freight quotes or are made-to-order (depending on the item).

To make the ordering process as simple as possible, we’ve included them in our online store so you’re now able to add all the items you need to your cart and create your order on the spot! Our helpful customer service team will reach out to confirm the details with you and provide the shipping / freight details along with your payment options.

Here are some of featured custom ordered parts.

High Security Locks

In addition to our lock box and disc lock listed above – we also provide a bolt-on Waved Lock Box which allows you to protect your lock from being cut or sawn off by thieves. The wave like design helps cover your lock while still giving you enough room to insert your key. Check them out here.

In addition to the lock box we also provide Sobo Locks, these locks are extremely unique and feature a cylinder-like key system making them extremely difficult to pick. They are also very durable and weather resistant thanks to their triple chrome plated construction. Learn more here.

Shelving & Racks

Organization is key to making the most of your shipping container. That’s why we carry several different options for internal shelving including 3-tier and 4-tier shelving brackets and pipe racks. These items can easily be attached to the lashing rings inside your container so that you can clear up some floor space and avoid any unnecessary damage or tripping hazards.

Click the any of the following links to learn more about each of these products: 3-Tiered Shelving Bracket | 4-Tired Shelving Bracket | Pipe Rack

Vents, Doors, and Windows

If you’re planning on customizing your container for different purposes (other than storage) you’ll definitely want to check out these custom ordered parts. From Roll-Up garage style doors, man doors, windows, walls, and more – we’ve got everything you need to get your container ready for any project!

To learn more about the different products available, click on any of the following links: Man-Door | Roll Slat Door | Rhino Door Handle | Divider Wall | 3′ X 4′ Window | Vent

Shipping Containers For Sale

Last but not least, we now give you the option of purchasing a shipping container directly through our e-commerce store! Here you can easily add the container to your cart – let us know what direction you want the doors to face upon delivery and we’ll automatically generate a shipping cost and let you pay for it up front, No more back and forth communication to get things ready – just a few clicks and you’re good to go!

At the point of writing this article we’re only offering this in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area but we plan to roll out as many locations as possible in the near future so be sure to check back every once in a while if you’re region is not listed yet.

To browse our current selection of service areas and available containers click here.

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