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Shipping container accessories can help you improve the functionality and security of the sea can. They are also essential when it comes to modifying a sea can, turning it into a mobile office or building a container house. From insta vents to reliable locks to interior storage accessories – all of it you can find in our online-store. 


Used shipping containers are easy to transport and modify. It is common for containers to be used for much more than transporting cargo from one place to another. Many of our customers decide to alter their used sea can for personal or business use. For example, we have seen more people and small companies transform their used sea containers into home offices, pop-up shops, sheds, container homes, and garages. From single-family container houses and tiny container homes to portable site offices and stores, there are endless possibilities when you buy a used sea container.

Used sea cans are also bought, modified, and commonly used in many industries such as transportation, storage, industrial, construction, real estate and retail. In addition, many companies utilize shipping containers to store their inventory, equipment, cargo, goods, and supplies.

All of our used sea can modifications are custom and based on the specific needs and requirements for their intended use. If you need your used container to serve you beyond traditional shipping and storage needs, we can help you with some modifications. For example, some of the shipping container accessories available for sale on our online store include windows, doors, vents, locks, shelves, and divider walls. In addition, you can modify your container to optimize airflow, space, security, and usability for your specific needs. When you buy a used shipping container from us, be sure to let us know if you require any container modifications or accessories.

More on Container Accessories

Among the most popular add-ons are lock boxes and sobo locks. Whether you use your sea can for shipping or storage, you might want it to be completely secure. There are different levels of protection available depending on the contents of your big steel box.

To fight humidity and heat, consider buying insta vent. If you use your container as a mobile office, it is an accessory you certainly can’t afford to miss. However, even when it comes to using container for portable storage, airflow will help to preserve its contents. Insta vent installation might be done in just one day, which adds points to convenience.

Also consider extra doors, divider walls and shelving brackets. All these container accessories might be extremely useful if you have any container modifications in mind for your newly purchased sea can.

Without experience, it might be confusing to see a list of add-ons available for sale. Don’t forget that our specialists will be happy to give you advice on what accessory might suit your needs the best. Don’t hesitate to contact us and ask!

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