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Shipping Container Gardens: A Unique Approach to Urban Farming

July 20, 2023
Coast Containers

Welcome to the exciting world of shipping container gardens! 

You may be familiar with traditional container gardening, where gardeners grow their produce in raised garden beds or other raised containers but if you’re short on green space and keen on maximizing production take a look at shipping container gardening. 

If you’re interested in urban farming, sustainable agriculture, and exploring creative methods of growing your own food, repurposing shipping containers into functional garden spaces can transform even the smallest urban areas into thriving green oases.

Not only do these gardens provide an opportunity for self-sufficiency and fresh produce right at your doorstep, but they also contribute to a more sustainable future. By utilizing recycled shipping containers as the foundation for your garden, you are reducing waste while embracing eco-friendly practices.

The beauty of shipping container gardens lies in their versatility. These containers can be customized and equipped with all the necessary elements for successful plant growth – from proper lighting and irrigation systems to climate control mechanisms. Whether you’re interested in cultivating herbs, vegetables, or even flowers, a shipping container garden offers endless possibilities. With shipping container gardens, you can turn any small corner into a lush oasis of greenery and abundance.

The Benefits of Shipping Container Gardens for Urban Residents

One of the key benefits of shipping container gardens is their ability to transform small spaces into thriving green sanctuaries. 

With vertical farming techniques, these container gardens take advantage of every inch of space available. Imagine growing a variety of herbs, vegetables, and even fruits compactly and efficiently. Say goodbye to relying solely on grocery stores for your fresh produce – now you have easy access to homegrown goodness right at your fingertips!

But that’s not all – shipping container gardens offer a multitude of advantages for urban farmers. They provide protection from pests and harsh weather conditions, ensuring optimal growth throughout the year. Plus, their portability allows you to move them around as needed.

Selecting the Right Container and Setting Up Your Shipping Container Garden

Whether you have limited space, want to grow plants in an urban setting, or simply love the idea of repurposing, setting up a shipping container garden is the way to go.

But before you dive headfirst into this exciting project, let’s talk about selecting the perfect shipping container. With so many options out there, it’s important to choose one that meets your specific gardening needs. Consider factors like size, condition, and material when making your decision. And don’t worry – there’s a container out there for every green thumb!


Coast Containers offers portable containers that suit any use including building your own shipping container garden. We offer both new and used containers in a variety of heights and lengths. Start with a standard height container or maximise your growing space with our High Cube containers. 


Ventilation is a crucial factor to consider when setting up a shipping container garden. Adequate airflow within the container is essential for the health and growth of plants. Without proper ventilation, plants can suffer from issues such as poor air circulation, increased humidity levels, and stagnant air, which can lead to problems like mold, pests, and diseases.

By ensuring proper ventilation in a shipping container garden, you create an optimal environment for your plants to thrive. Good airflow helps to regulate temperature and humidity levels inside the container, preventing excessive heat buildup or moisture retention that can be detrimental to plant health. Additionally, adequate ventilation promotes the exchange of gases such as carbon dioxide and oxygen which are vital for photosynthesis.

There are several methods you can employ to improve ventilation in your shipping container garden. One option is installing vents or windows that can be opened or closed as needed. These openings allow fresh air to enter while allowing stale air to exit. Coast Containers can install a variety of different modifications to perfect your shipping container garden including vents, windows, doors, lockboxes or even a roll-up door to bring in some of that beautiful natural sunlight. 

It’s important to strike a balance when it comes to ventilation in a shipping container garden. While it’s necessary for plants to receive sufficient airflow, extreme weather conditions like strong winds or heavy rain may pose challenges. In such cases, adjustable vents or protective coverings can be employed to regulate airflow without exposing the plants to potential harm.


When it comes to creating a successful shipping container garden, lighting is an essential factor to consider. Proper lighting ensures that your plants receive the necessary amount of light for healthy growth and development. LED lights have emerged as a popular choice among gardeners due to their energy efficiency and longer lifespan.

LEDs also emit very little heat compared to other lighting options. This is beneficial when it comes to shipping container gardening because excessive heat can damage plants and affect their growth. The cool temperature of LED lights ensures that your plants receive the right amount of light without any adverse effects.

Furthermore, LEDs offer flexibility in terms of colour spectrum options. Different plants have varying light requirements at different stages of their growth cycle. LED lights can be customized with specific wavelengths and colour temperatures to meet these requirements accurately. Whether you’re growing leafy greens or flowering plants, you can adjust the lighting accordingly for optimal results.

Lastly, LEDs are compact and lightweight, making them easy to install in small spaces such as shipping containers and ensuring maximum coverage without taking up much room.


You’ll also want to think about soil and drainage. Creating a healthy environment for your plants is crucial for their growth and success. You’ll need to select the right type of soil that provides proper nutrients and drainage capabilities. Remember, good drainage is key in preventing root rot and other water-related issues.


Since shipping containers have limited space, it’s important to water your plants efficiently. Consider using a drip irrigation system or self-watering containers to ensure that each plant gets the right amount of hydration without wasting water.

For those looking to take their container gardening skills up a notch, hydroponics is an exciting option. By using nutrient-rich water instead of soil, hydroponics allows you to grow plants faster and more efficiently. Imagine growing crisp lettuce or juicy strawberries without the need for traditional soil-based methods.

Remember, maintaining a shipping container garden is all about finding creative solutions and adapting them to suit your specific needs.

The Best Plants to Grow in a Shipping Container Garden

Are you ready to transform your small space into a flourishing garden? With the right selection of plants, you can create a vibrant and thriving oasis right on your doorstep.

When it comes to vegetables for portable container gardening, there are plenty of options to choose from. Imagine plucking juicy tomatoes, crisp lettuce, and crunchy peppers straight from your own mini garden. Not only will you have fresh produce at your fingertips, but you’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint by growing your own food.

If herbs are more your style, shipping containers provide the perfect environment for cultivating a variety of aromatic plants. From fragrant basil and mint to versatile rosemary and thyme, you can add a burst of flavour to your culinary creations with herbs grown in these compact spaces.

But don’t limit yourself to just edibles! Flowers can bring beauty and colour to even the smallest of spaces. Whether you’re looking for cascading blooms or vibrant pops of colour, numerous flower varieties thrive in shipping containers. From petunias and marigolds to pansies and daisies, let your creativity bloom with a stunning floral display.

Shipping Container Gardens as a Solution to Increase Food Production 

Shipping container gardens and farms in Canada have revolutionized the way we think about agriculture. The concept of using shipping containers as farms has opened up new possibilities for urban farming, sustainability, and food production.

Container gardens offer a practical solution for individuals with limited green space or access to traditional farmland. This not only promotes self-sufficiency but also encourages a healthier lifestyle by incorporating homegrown fruits and vegetables into our diets.

Moreover, container farming in Canada has taken the agricultural industry by storm. By repurposing shipping containers into fully functional farms, farmers can maximize their productivity while minimizing their environmental impact. These sea can farms provide controlled environments where crops can thrive year-round, regardless of external weather conditions.

The benefits of shipping container gardening and container farming extend beyond personal use or commercial production. They contribute to sustainable practices by reducing food miles and carbon emissions associated with transportation. Additionally, they offer opportunities for community engagement through urban gardening initiatives and educational programs.

As we continue to explore innovative solutions for food production, these methods prove that even limited spaces can yield bountiful harvests while promoting sustainability for future generations. So, let’s embrace this exciting trend and cultivate a greener future together!

Start your urban farm journey now by exploring the different portable containers and modifications that Coast Containers offers. Looking for something specific? We can work with you to find the perfect container for your gardening needs. Contact us for your custom-built sea can solution. 

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