New 20 Foot Shipping Container for Sale

New 20 Foot Shipping Container for Sale

New 20’ standard shipping containers are some of our most popular choices. Many people buy a 20 ft shipping container because they plan container modifications or want to build stunning container offices, tiny homes, and pop-up shops. In addition, they are the ideal size for many different personal, industrial, commercial, rural, and business storage solutions, such as keeping your inventory, office supplies or extra belongings safe and secure. 

It is common for a new container to be referred to as a “one trip” container since it has only travelled once from the factory to one of our Coast Containers locations. New 20’ standard shipping containers are in excellent condition and are considered more aesthetically pleasing than used sea cans.

New 20' Shipping Container Specifications

Each 20′ shipping container is inspected to ensure that it is structurally sound, wind and watertight (WWT), and rodent-proof. The weight of a 20-foot shipping container that is empty typically ranges between 1.8-2.2 metric tonnes, and shipping container dimensions are typical for a new 20′ standard shipping container that can hold approximately the contents of a townhome or a 1–2 bedroom apartment.


Exterior Interior Door Capacity
Length: 20ft. Length: 19’9ft. Width: 7’8ft. 1,172.3 ft³
Width: 8ft. Width: 7’8ft. Height: 7’5ft.
Height: 8’6ft. Height: 7’10ft.

Delivery Options

20ft Truck
It is common for a tilt-deck truck or a flat-bed truck to deliver a 20 foot shipping container to your desired location. You will need to organize some preparations related to its unique features, specifically, the size and weight of a 20-foot shipping container. You should consider some vital information to ensure that you are ready for your STD container to be delivered. You have enough space for the delivery truck to quickly and easily drop off your new 20′ standard shipping container. Please speak with one of our representatives about delivery times and preferences as we have flexible delivery options for our customers across Canada. Also, if you have any questions or want more details, you can request a quote or contact us today. Our quotes also incorporate the estimated 20 ft container shipping cost from our Coast Containers facility to your desired location.
Local delivery starting at
Product Details

A 20’ shipping container is made from industrial-grade steel and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions while transporting cargo around the world for many years. A new 20 ft shipping container for sale has only been used once when it is shipped from the factory to one of our various Coast Containers locations across Canada. So, it is normal for the condition to be “like new” with some minor dents or surface rust. Here is some more information and details about our standard 20’ containers for sale:

  • Corrugated steel construction  
  • Convenient forklift pockets 
  • Solid plywood floors & ground-level entry 
  • Weatherproof design 
  • Vents on the sides for airflow 
  • Tight cargo doors 
  • Total of 8 corner castings 
  • Wind and watertight (WWT)

If you have any questions about our new containers for sale, please contact us today, and our Coast Containers representatives are happy to help.


You have the freedom and ability to use, personalize, and modify your storage container to meet your specific personal or commercial needs. In addition, you do not have to stress over monthly rental container payments. Instead, you are the proud owner, which can reduce the shipping container cost over time due to its reliable durability.
Each new 20 foot shipping container for sale is inspected to ensure that it is structurally sound with solid floors and functioning doors. In addition, each new sea container is wind and watertight (WWT) and rodent-proof. (It is essential to keep an eye out for furry friends when loading or unloading your container.)
Price & Payment
We focus on keeping costs low on our end so that we can provide the best shipping container price possible for our customers. We also offer convenient ways of payment.
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