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Why You Should Choose Shipping Containers for Weather-Resistant On-Site Storage

January 24, 2024
Coast Containers

It’s cold out there! And, depending on where in the country you live, it also might be snowy or wet or maybe even both. If you’re one of the many businesses that need on-site storage then this winter weather might make you even more desperate for a waterproof, secure and durable storage solution – that’s where shipping containers come in! Whether you’re safeguarding valuable equipment, inventory, or crucial materials, the choice of storage can make a significant impact on your assets. In this blog, we’ll explore the numerous benefits of using shipping containers for on-site storage, especially in the face of unpredictable weather conditions. We’ll also look at whether a new or used container might be right for you.

Rugged Construction to Withstand the Elements

Shipping containers, sometimes called sea cans, have gained a well-deserved reputation for their exceptional durability and resilience. Constructed from superior quality high-grade steel, these containers are meticulously engineered to withstand the most challenging conditions encountered during lengthy ocean journeys. This inherent strength has made them the go-to choice for on-site storage solutions that demand protection against nature’s elements. Regardless of the circumstances, be it torrential downpours, scorching heat waves, or even the fury of hurricane-force winds, shipping containers act as steadfast guardians against the weather.

Waterproof and Secure for Protection

One of the primary advantages of using shipping containers for storage purposes is their exceptional ability to provide waterproofing. All Coast Containers’ new and used containers are made from industrial-grade steel and are Wind and Watertight and rodent-proof. Shipping containers are specifically designed with tight seals and sturdy doors, ensuring that your stored items are kept safe and dry at all times. This waterproofing feature becomes particularly valuable in regions that experience heavy rainfall or are prone to flooding. By opting for a weather-resistant shipping container, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their valuable assets will remain fully protected and undamaged, regardless of external environmental conditions.

Adaptable to Various Climates

Shipping containers are not limited by climate. Their versatility allows them to perform admirably in a variety of environments. Whether you’re dealing with freezing temperatures in the Arctic or scorching heat in the desert, these containers, especially when properly insulated, can help to maintain a consistent internal environment. This adaptability ensures that your stored items are protected, regardless of the external weather conditions.

Low Maintenance, Long Lifespan

Shipping containers offer a highly cost-effective on-site storage solution. Their ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide secure storage makes them an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. These containers require low maintenance, resulting in reduced ongoing expenses for businesses. This makes them a durable and long-lasting storage option that can benefit businesses in the long run.

Shipping Container Modifications

Shipping containers are not limited to a one-size-fits-all approach. They offer a great deal of flexibility when it comes to customization, allowing businesses to meet their specific storage requirements effectively. Whether you require additional shelving for organizing your goods, ventilation systems to maintain optimal conditions inside the container or even specialized lighting solutions for enhanced visibility, these modifications can be easily implemented. By tailoring the container to your exact needs, businesses can optimize their on-site storage operations with utmost efficiency and convenience.

Coast Containers offers an array of customization options that include vents for improved air circulation, lockboxes for added security measures, windows for natural light infusion, and a variety of door options such as convenient roll-up doors. With our expertise in modifying shipping containers according to specific requirements, Coast Containers ensure that businesses have access to tailored storage solutions that perfectly align with your operational needs.

New vs. Used: Making the Right Choice for Your Business

When it comes to on-site storage solutions, businesses are often presented with the decision of whether to opt for new or used shipping containers. Each option presents its own set of advantages and the final choice ultimately depends on factors such as specific requirements and budgetary considerations. Coast Containers offers a wide range of shipping containers in various sizes and configurations to cater to the diverse needs of businesses. Whether you are looking for brand-new containers or cost-effective used ones, Coast Containers has got you covered with our extensive inventory.

New Shipping Containers

Investing in new shipping containers can offer significant advantages for businesses looking for the latest advancements in container technology. We have various sizes and types of new containers for you to choose from, such as dry containers, refrigerated containers, open side containers, and other specialty containers. By opting for new containers, you can ensure that you receive units that are in pristine condition, new sea cans have only travelled with one shipment of cargo from the factory in China to Canada (their trip to Coast Containers). For this reason, the terms “new shipping container” and “one-trip shipping container” are used interchangeably within the container industry.

One of the key benefits of new containers is their maximum longevity. While it’s true that new containers may come with a higher initial cost compared to used ones, it’s important to consider the long-term benefits they provide. Investing in new containers means lower short-term maintenance costs. For businesses with critical storage needs or those involved in industries where product integrity is paramount, such as pharmaceuticals or perishable goods, opting for new shipping containers becomes an even more sound investment. The reliability and quality assurance provided by these brand-new units give you peace of mind knowing that your valuable assets are being stored in top-notch conditions.

Used Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers, on the other hand, offer a budget-friendly alternative without compromising on resilience. It is common for used shipping containers to have been used for approximately 10-15 years for shipping freight and storing goods before they are inspected and added to our inventory at Coast Containers. Due to this reason, a used container for sale can be considered less aesthetically pleasing when compared to a new container which has only travelled once. But, despite some signs of wear, these containers are thoroughly inspected to guarantee structural integrity and weather resistance. Businesses operating within a tighter budget can benefit from the cost savings associated with used containers while still enjoying the robust features that make them ideal for on-site storage.

Investing in Weather-Resistant Shipping Containers

The weather-resistant qualities of shipping containers provide a level of protection and security that is hard to match. Whether opting for the cutting-edge durability of new containers or the budget-friendly resilience of used ones, embracing the durability and resilience of shipping containers will safeguard your assets against the unpredictable forces of nature.

Ready to upgrade your on-site storage? Embrace the durability of shipping containers and safeguard your assets against the elements. Explore our range of new and used containers, each offering weather-resistant excellence. Contact us to discuss your storage needs and discover how our customized solutions can elevate your business operations. Secure, versatile, and built to last – make the choice that withstands the test of time. Upgrade to shipping containers today!

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