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Shipping Containers vs Prefab Steel Sheds: Pros and Cons of Using

June 10, 2021
Coast Containers

What Shipping Containers and Steel Sheds are Used For?

In this blog post, we will be looking at the pros and cons of renting vs. buying a shipping container. When comparing the two options it usually comes down to what you plan on using the shipping container for and what your budget is. If you need modifications done then purchasing a shipping container is the option for you. If you can’t afford a larger upfront cost then renting on a monthly basis is a great option. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of buying and renting a container further!

Extra Garage Storage or Replacement for a Garage

Don’t have a garage? Have a garage but need more room to store your seasonal items? Easily put extra seasonal items like bikes, snow blowers, skis, winter tires into a shed or shipping container. When deciding if you should use a shipping container vs shed you should always consider what you are storing. A sea can is going to be more secure than your basic shed for expensive items that you may want extra security for.

Storage for Car or Boat

Are you looking for a place to store a car or a small boat? If so you are probably comparing shipping container sheds vs metal sheds. Shipping containers are great for housing your car or boat because they are so large and strong enough while a metal shed is going to be expensive at the size you would need to store an item that large. 

Guest House or Home Office

When looking at a prefabricated shed or shipping container for a guest house or home office you are going to want to consider modifications. Using a shipping container as a shed is just one of many things you can do. Create a guest house, home office, or even a backyard bar for entertaining your friend and family on those hot summer days. With a prefabricated shed, you will be very limited with the modifications you are able to add. Want to learn more about modifying a shipping container into a home office? Check out our blog post, How to Modify a Shipping Container into a Home Office

Firewood Storage

Comparing steel sheds and shipping containers for the use of firewood or garden equipment really comes down to how much do you want to spend? Either option is a good one but if you are looking for the least expensive when comparing steel sheds and shipping containers, sea cans are the winner. 

Renovations Storage

Shipping container sheds are great for home renovations. Put your furniture, rugs, and kitchen items into a storage container and be sure that they will stay dry, rodent-free, and out of the way. When you’re done with your renovation you can use your shipping container shed for extra storage. 

Pros and Cons of Using Shipping Containers & Prefab Steel Sheds

Storage Solution Pros Cons
  • Can be made from lightweight
  • Usually are not rodent-proof
  • Come in variety of widths and lengths often 10 x 10
  • DIY kits can be difficult to put together
  • Easily pick it up from a store, no need for delivery/transportation if you are in a hurry
  • Not as secure as a container
  • No modifications available
  • Can withstand most rains but not harsh storms
Shipping Containers
  • Various sizes available
  • May need a permit depending on where you want to place the container and your local regulations
  • Very secure
  • Fixed width, usually 8’ wide
  • Coast Containers guarantees all of our new and used containers to be wind, water, rodent-proof
  • Ready to use once delivered to your location and can be moved later on 
  • Transportable
  • Modifications available, from simple modifications to container homes and home offices
  • Inexpensive in comparison to most sheds

Shipping Container vs Shed: What to Choose

Prefab steel sheds vs shipping containers, what is the best option for you? Shipping containers and steel sheds both have their pros and cons. If you are concerned with security, sturdiness, modifications, and price, then a sea can is your best option. Some people may choose a metal shed vs shipping container if they need the shed the same day and the store has a DIY kit available for you right then and there. But if you don’t need it the same day then stay home and have your it delivered exactly where you need it. 

At Coast Containers all of our new and used containers are wind and watertight, rodent-proof, and can have a variety of accessories added to them. Want to learn more about the different types of shipping containers we offer or what it means for a shipping container to be wind and watertight? Check out our blog posts! If you are doing a quick renovation or aren’t interested in having a container forever, our partner company Make Space Storage has containers for rent on a monthly basis!

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