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What Is a WWT (Wind and Watertight) Shipping Container

February 22, 2021
Coast Containers

What does a Wind and Watertight Shipping Container Mean?

Depending on what you are planning to put inside your container you may wonder are shipping containers waterproof and what condition will my container be in when I purchase it? You can expect there to be some dents and rust but what is most important is that the shipping container is wind and water tight and in good condition. This means that the weather tight storage container guarantees it to have no cracks or holes, the floor is in good condition and that the door seals are tight enough to keep out any wind or water. If you were to stand inside the container with the doors closed you wouldn’t see any light. It is important to get a wwt container to keep the goods you plan to store inside secure from water, rodents, and thieves.


What Is a WWT Shipping Container?

When we talk about wind and watertight shipping containers we are usually referring to a used shipping container that is between 10 – 15 years old. Shipping containers are built to withstand the harsh life at sea carrying all different kinds of cargo and are usually made of corten steel

WWT shipping containers can also be referred to with a new shipping container also known as a one-trip container. What is the difference between a used container and a one-trip shipping container? Generally, shipping lines and leasing companies will keep a container in their fleet for 10-15 years, after they will sell them to us as a used container whereas a one-trip container has only made one overseas trip full of freight and is in very good condition.


What are the Benefits of Wind and Watertight Shipping Container

1. Wind and Water tight Shipping Container

It is pretty obvious that you would purchase wind and water tight containers to keep out wind and water. Keep your goods safe from water damage, dust and any other outdoor elements with a certified wind and watertight container. 

2. Structurally Sounds

Wind and watertight containers are structurally sound and in good condition. Keep in mind that if you purchase a used container they have been carrying cargo across the sea for 10 – 15 years and will likely have dents and rust . To be classified as wind and watertight the shipping containers should not have any major dents or cracks making the container structurally sound to hold whatever it is that you need to store. 

3. Rodent Proof

There is nothing worse than opening the doors to your container to find out that rodents have made a nice home inside of it. Luckily waterproof shipping containers also keep out mice! Mice are able to get into a hole as small as ¼ inch in diameter. Wind and watertight containers are double gasketed,  making a seal which doesn’t allow rodents to enter so you can be sure that you won’t find mice and feces in your WWT container.

4. Solid Floors

The floors of the WWT shipping container should be solid so that no water on the ground can seep into the shipping container and damage the contents. If the WWT shipping container does not sit flat on the ground this usually means that water is able to seep through the floorboards which could ruin anything inside the container. Purchasing a wind and water tight container will ensure that the container can sit flat on the ground with no water entering.

5. Functioning Doors

The requirements for a shipping container to be a wwt container include that the doors of the container are sealed tight and that the locking doors are working properly. The seals of the shipping container doors should be intact and the shipping container gaskets around the doors are completely sealed keeping out wind, water, rodents and also thieves.

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At Coast Containers all of our shipping containers new and used are structurally sound, wind and watertight shipping containers, rodent proof, have solid floors as well as doors that open and close. We sell many different sizes of shipping containers ranging from 10ft, 20ft and 40ft and always at the best price.

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