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Different Things and Projects You Can Do with a Shipping Container

July 13, 2023
Coast Containers

Shipping containers are not just for transporting goods across the ocean. They are also versatile and durable structures that can be repurposed for various home projects and other uses, from storage containers to homes and beyond. 

In this article, we will explore some of the different ideas and things you can do with your shipping container to make it work for your specific needs. 


One of the most common and practical uses for shipping containers is storage. Whether you need extra space for your personal belongings, your business inventory, or your farm equipment, a shipping container can provide you with a secure and weatherproof solution. 

Homes & Other Living Spaces

Another popular and creative use for shipping containers is living spaces. Shipping containers can be transformed into cozy and sustainable homes, hotels, apartments, or cabins that offer comfort and style. Depending on your specific needs, you can have one converted into a home simply by adding in some doors and windows. For more advanced cases, you’ll also want to consider adding in plumbing and electricity.


Whether you’re working on a construction site, or just need some extra space on your property dedicated to your work – a shipping container office can give you the extra and portable space you need. With a few minor adjustments, you can take your work with you wherever you need it!


When you need a dedicated space to perfect your craft, one of the best options you’ll have at your disposal is to convert a shipping container into your own portable workshop. With plenty of options for customization and multiple (common) sizes to choose from – you’ll be able to quickly, and easily, set up shop in your container once it arrives – just be sure to work with a licensed electrician if you require electricity in your container.

Emergency Preparedness / Shelters

Many people utilize their shipping containers as an emergency preparedness container allowing them to store their emergency supplies in case something terrible or disastrous were to happen. Additionally, you can also convert your container into an emergency shelter since they are made of industrial grade metal and are extremely durable!

Swimming Pools 

With some modifications and a bit of patience, you can convert a shipping container into an above ground pool in your backyard! From adding in plumbing, a filtration system, rustproofing, etc., there are several things you’ll need to consider before undertaking this task. To learn more about how to convert your shipping container into a pool, check out our blog post here.

Doctor’s Offices 

If you’re a doctor or in the medical field – one creative use for your shipping container is to create a mobile clinic or a quarantine facility. These became widely popular throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and are still being used today to service smaller communities or provide veterinary services to farm animals.

Restaurants or Cafes

You can create a unique dining experience with a container-based restaurant or cafe. These can be a fantastic way to set up shop outside of your normal restaurant in other settings like events, tradeshows, fairs, etc.

Portable Classrooms

One common use for shipping containers is to create portable classrooms for students. Many schools utilize these when they simply don’t have enough room to accommodate all their students. By setting them up with windows, doors, heating, and electricity – you ensure that your students and staff members are comfortable all year-round.

Paintball Blockades and Structures

This may be a very unique use-case, but you can also use shipping containers to create obstacles and cover for paintball or airsoft games. By simply placing the container down, anywhere, you can easily make it part of the scenery for the participants.

Greenhouses or Hydroponics

You can grow plants in a controlled environment with a container-based hydroponic farm. By adding in some lighting, and irrigation systems you can ensure that your plants are safe and are always protected from the environment outside of the container.

Where to Purchase a Shipping Container

If you’re going to be undertaking one of these projects, we can help! At Coast Containers, we specialize in the sale of new and used shipping containers in Canada. All of our containers are guaranteed to be wind and watertight and can be delivered anywhere you need it in (within Canada). We also stock a large selection of shipping container accessories as well.

To learn more, visit us online or give us a call to get a free quote – we’re always happy to help!



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