New 40′ High Cube Shipping Container

New 40′ High Cube Shipping Container

New 40’ high cube container is suitable for any kind of voluminous cargo up to 8′ 10¼” (2.70 m) height. The condition is like-new (one trip), light dents or surface rust is possible. Our 40’ HC shipping & storage containers are wind and water tight, protected from pests and ready to serve any of your needs for many years to come.

It is the tallest container we sell, built for secure extra large storage. It’s popular for industrial, commercial and rural needs. It features the space that approximately equals a two-car garage.


Exterior Interior Door Capacity
Length: 20ft. Length: 19’9ft. Width: 7’8ft. 1,172.3 ft³
Width: 8ft. Width: 7’8ft. Height: 7’5ft.
Height: 8’6ft. Height: 7’10ft.

40’ HC shipping container can be delivered to your location of choice by a tilt-deck truck with a trailer or a flat-bed truck. A clear drop-off area is required, usually at least 120 feet of straight running room. Delivery options are to be discussed with our service representatives
Local delivery starting at
Product Details
  • Used one time being shipped from the factory
  • Corrugated steel construction 
  • The tallest container we have
  • Marine-grade plywood floors 
  • Accessible ground-level entry
  • Weatherproof design
  • Vents on the sides for airflow
  • Tight cargo swing doors
  • Total of 8 corner castings
  • Wind and water tight construction


Once you buy it, it’s yours. No monthly payments multiplied by the possibility of doing whatever you want with it (think modifications!)
Our containers are structurally sound, wind and water tight (WWT), rodent proof, and have solid floors as well as doors that open and close.
Price & Payment
We focus on keeping costs low to offer you the best possible price on the market as well as the most convenient way of payment.
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